Thursday, July 24, 2008

Things That Make My Heart Go Pitter Patter

If you head down to the Green City Market this Saturday morning, you can shop the market with Alice Waters as she chooses items for the menu for a benefit she is having in honor of Michelle Obama on Monday. Apparently, you just get to follow her around (presumably at a distance that doesn't make her feel like she is being stalked).

So you get to see Alice in action, plus she will sign books for you (my copy of The Art of Simple Food is already tattered and worn from use). As a bonus, maybe you could figure out how one gets herself invited to benefits in honor of Michelle Obama.

I don't mean to expose the true depths of my dorkiness . . . but does this sound like Saturday morning bliss or what?

Unfortunately, I am not going to be there because I am pretty sure that Alice doesn't want two little people following her around, sampling from every single pint of raspberries and blueberries they pass by while loudly demanding another butter and sugar crepe. Maybe next time.


MM said...

ooh, weather permitting, we may be the family following her around tomorrow! A safe distance of course with backup crepes in hand :)

MM said...

We went, we saw (from a distance), we swooned, she autographed our book--to the kids :).

The Hen said...

Ohhhh MM, I am happy for you (which distracts me somewhat from feeling sorry for myself because I missed it) :)