Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our Summer Vacation: A Recap

We have been in Western Pennsylvania for the past week -- relaxing and recovering from a very busy and emotional June. This vacation was full of firsts for us -- mostly good and a few not so good. Here are the highlights (and lowlights).

The Good.

Eleanor is now a true swimmer. After hanging around a nine-year-old for about fifteen minutes or so, she decided that she was done wearing her swim vest -- forever. Within minutes of shedding the vest, she learned to swim the width of Grandma's pool unassisted. Shortly after that, she was competently executing underwater somersaults. Somersaults. Pretty remarkable. She is so pissed that she can't quite figure out how to do an underwater handstand. Here she is mid-somersault.

Both Ellie and Brendan also had their first boat ride ever. While aboard the boat, Brendan was also able to see trains and trucks driving over bridges -- which was a real plus for a transportation-obsessed little man.

Brendan also got on a horse for the first time. All week long, he said, "Let's go ride Bubbles." When the time came to actually hop on, he was a little hesitant. With a little pushing, he did get on and loved his first experience. "Walk on Bubbles. Walk on. Good girl." We now have two budding equestrians in the house.

The Not So Good.
Brendan got stung by a wasp. This episode was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. He cried like crazy. His whole foot turned red and swollen. And he limped around for the rest of the day saying, "Oww, it hurts. A wadybug sting me foot."

On another note, my pregnancy weight gain seems to be well underway. I have a doctor's appointment on this week and I am going to have to step on the scale backwards to avoid confronting the evidence of the profiteroles, fudge, and Starbuck's blended lemonades that I consumed all week. Time to dig out the maternity clothes.

A good trip. Good to be home. Now on to some more summer fun.


Shannon said...

Sounds like a lovely trip. My little ones call all bugs lady bugs too. Adorable, but poor little guy.

Anonymous said...

I could use a vacation like (minus the wasp and weight gain - or lack of post pregnancy weight loss)

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