Saturday, April 21, 2012

What she had to say on her 8th birthday

I haven't blogged on A Hen and Two (now Three) Chicks once in 2012 (lots of reasons why -- too much to get into right now).  But if this blog exists for one reason, it is the annual birthday interviews. The show must go on! 
Today, Ellie is 8 years-old. She is as fabulous as always. Here is what she has on her mind this year. Keep at it, sweet girl!
  • Cereal- Life cereal
  • Vegetable- Green beans and broccoli
  • Drink- Lemonade 
  • Lunch -  Mom's homemade mac and cheese and grilled cheese
  • Dinner -Beef tenderloin with Dad's good sauce, green beans and mashed potatoes
  • Toy-Right now, it is probably my Barbies
  • TV Show-Electric Company
  • Game- Hide-and-seek
  • Book-Pretty much all of the chapter books. Favorite? I like Ivy and Bean.
  • Restaurant- I like Milk and Honey. Why? Because it is close to our house and I like to go there and have grilled cheeses. But I don't like that they come with a pickle.
  • Holiday-I like Thanksgiving because I like the turkey. And I like my birthday.
  • Animal or doll - I like all animals. I like my American Girl Doll Kanani and Gabby the Giraffe.
  • Animal - I like all animals. No favorite really.
  • Color - Turquoise.
  • Thing to do at school - Art projects.
  • Sport - I like all of the sports that I know how to do.

What do you want for your birthday? I want to have a good birthday and hope that everyone has a fun time.
If you could change your name, what would you choose? I like my name.
What do you love about each person in our family?
  • Dad: I like that he teaches me sports and that he makes good dinners.
  • Mom: That you are nice and you send me to school to I can learn and because you also make good dinners.
  • Brendan: I like to play with Brendan and if I get bored, I always get to play with Brendan and Colin.
  • Colin: He is funny and when he is calm, I like to play games with him. Colin also says funny things.
Where would you like to go on vacation this year? Maybe Paris.
What are some of your wishes for this year? I hope that we will see lots of doggies. And that we get to play outside a lot and go to the pool and that there is nice weather.
What makes you happy? My family and my friends.
What is your favorite things about Mom? I like that sometime she is funny and that she gives me ideas for things and helps me with things.
How old is your mom? 35 -- almost 36 (time to stop asking this question)
How tall is your mom? I don't know. Really tall. Maybe like 2 1/2 Ellies tall.
What is her favorite thing to do? Play with our family and have fun with people and not do too much work.
What does Dad do for a job? I think he is a lawyer. I think it means that he helps people with problems and I think they are called cases and he has to solve them.
What is your favorite thing about Dad? I like that he teaches me how to do things and if I need help with something, he will teach it to me.
What is Mom's favorite food? You like lots of foods. I am going to guess that your favorite is maybe pizza.
What do you and Mom do together? Sometimes if we go somewhere to do errands and we go shopping together and get people things.
What makes you sad? When people aren't nice to me.
What is Dad’s favorite food? French onion soup.

What does our family like to do together? We like to go places and have fun.

What going to be when you grow up? Maybe a teacher or a lot of other things. I am not sure.

Who are you going to marry? I don't know.
Anything else you want to talk about now that you are almost eight? I want a dog. I might want my ears pierced. I am not sure. It is almost my First Communion. I am going to be in third grade. And we are redesigning my room. In third grade, I am going to get a desk and a folder bag and it has all kinds of stuff that you work on in it. I am wondering what third grade teacher I am going to have.
Happy Birthday to my sweet (and super big) girl. If you are interested in her answers from years past, you can find trace back through the annual posts starting here.

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