Thursday, September 15, 2011

Attention: Moms Interested in Making Some Extra Money

Over the summer, I told you about a unique, local company called Focuscope. This company is looking for moms who want to share their opinions in exchange for a very fair compensation. Your thoughts and ideas in exchange for money. That simple.

There is one upcoming opportunity in particular that I want to tell you about. Focuscope Market Research is looking for Moms with children under 13 years of age to participate in a research survey on the topic of children’s entertainment. This project is taking place at their Chicago and Oak Park offices. The compensation is $125.00 for a 2 hour focus group (not bad for two hours of your time). Prescreening is required in order to qualify. And don't worry, absolutely no sales are involved in this experience. Focuscope just wants to hear your opinions.

Interested? Please call 708-386-5086 and ask to speak with Daisy in order to learn more
. And Don't delay -- the deadline to apply for this opportunity is September 23rd.

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