Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Beauty of Bartering

Have you ever bartered? I know that term sounds like a really old-fashioned practice, but its actually not.

I've started bartering in my own work from time to time. And I actually really like it. I've found that there is something more enduring and substantial about these sorts of exchanges. In my own experience, bartering has been the foundation of some really valued relationships.

Anyway, I became so interested in this type of exchange that I wrote a story about it. In my research, I came across all sorts of compelling stories about how individuals and small businesses are working together to get things done -- especially in this tough economy.

You can read more about this new-again practice and its collateral benefits in my piece, The Beauty of Bartering in the December issue of Mindful Metropolis. I hope you'll have a look.

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