Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Me, my wrinkles, and my new personal microdermabrasion tool

When I was in my 20's, I could not understand why women sought out plastic surgery and injected Botox into their faces (only to end up looking totally unlike their former selves). It just seemed crazy to me.

Now that I am . . . let's just say that I am no longer in my 20's, I can understand why women do these things. That's not to say that I plan to follow suit -- I am just saying that I can understand why the decide to do what they do.

The truth is that the idea of plastic surgery or Botox injections completely freaks me out. No matter how wrinkly and saggy I get, I just can't see myself going that route. But that's not to say that I'm just going to sit here and do nothing!

I am a big believer that lifestyle is the key to how you look and feel. Healthy food, lots of water, rest, exercise and managing stress are certainly the keys. There is no magic bullet. But I am also willing to accept a little help here and there.

SkinCareRx (a sponsor of A Hen and Two (now Three) Chicks) offered me the chance to check out their personal microdermabrasion tool. I couldn't resist.

Microdermabrasion is known to improve early texture changes, sun damaged skin, uneven sun freckling, mild acne, and conditions where there is a buildup of dead skin. It sort of feels like you are sanding your skin -- but in a good way.

I haven't had any experience with microdermabrasion so I watched the video that came along with the kit (definitely recommend this). The personal microdermabrasion tool is meant to be used with the M2 Skin Refinish 20% Serum and the M2 Skin Recovery Moisturizer (you definitely need to follow the directions with those).

The tool is really easy to use right from the start. It is literally like giving your face a gentle sanding-- leaving softer skin behind. The directions say to only use the product once a week or so, but I found myself wanted to use it more.

Don't get me wrong -- the results are gradual. I don't have the skin of a 20 year-old or anything. But I have seen an improvement. And I love that I can just do this at home in my own bathroom when I have a few extra free minutes -- it is ideal for busy moms who only dream of regular trips to an esthetician!

Does this sound like something you might want to try out? Take advantage of a 15% discount if you order from SkinCareRx before the end of October. Use the CODE: PMD15Off.

If you order before the end of September (so, like right now), you can get 20% off your order. Use the CODE: MAKEOVER20(and hurry!)

Disclosure: Skin Care Rx provided me with a free personal microdermabrasion tool so I could check it out and let you know my honest opinions (and I've done just that!).


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Jack Sebastian said...

Aren't you scared to do the facelift yourself, Caitlin? I mean, using that tool may not be exactly like a surgical procedure where you use knives and stuff, but you're still doing it to yourself without professional supervision. For me, that's even more daunting. That's what I learned from the many people here in Bay Area who only let the professionals touch their face.

kewiesterrock said...

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