Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Every Day is a Good Day

One of my favorite parts of each day is dropping Ellie off at school in the morning.

We pull into the kiss n' fly line and she can't be bothered to wait for a teacher to come to the car door. After unbuckling herself, she LEAPS out of the car and SKIPS and HOPS and RUNS towards the school.

"Goodbye Mom! Goodbye Brendan! Goodbye Colin! Have a great day. See you after school," she EXCLAIMS without looking back.

As she BOPS along in her pink coat, pink hat and pink backpack, she SMILES and WAVES effusively at her teachers and classmates.

She RUNS through the doors, only occasionally looking back at us for one last wave before she LEAPS up the stairs and into her classroom (her goal is to be the first person into the classroom so that she can help her teacher pass out the morning work so she is always in a hurry).

Meanwhile, I lurk and linger in the kiss n' fly line (to the frustration of those parents behind me). I don't want to miss the magical sight of this little force of nature as she starts her day. So I watch until I can't see her any more.

And then I wish for just an ounce of her overflowing joy so that I too could remember to BOUNCE and SKIP and SMILE my way through the day.


Bethany said...

She is nothing but a love- just bringing joy wherever she goes. I miss your little ones!

Kathleen said...

Caitlin Junior!!!!! She is so cute, and getting big so fast!