Friday, February 6, 2009

Disney on Ice - Take Two!

On Monday night, I headed off to the United Center to see Disney on Ice with three kids and two sisters (because I needed some adult companionship in order to endure two hours of princesses).

As we approached the United Center, I noted that it seemed awfully dark. And the parking lots were empty. And that was because there was no Disney on Ice show on Monday night.

Cue the crying from the back seat ("I want to see Lightening McQueen! Where are the princesses on ice?").

I had no other choice than to take them out for ice cream sundaes the size of their heads to try to make up for this massive disappointment.

Maybe if I let them consume their body weight in ice cream, they will forget the fact that there was no show.

When I got home I sent the company who offered me tickets for this non-existent show a nasty email. Nobody offered me an apology, but they did give me six tickets to the Wednesday night show.

So on Wednesday night I packed my car full of the same group and we headed back to the United Center. Much to our delight, there was in fact a show that night. And, even better, there were six tickets waiting for us at the will call window. Hooray!

The kiddos all loved the show. Wide-eyed, they saw all of their favorites -- Lightening McQueen, Ariel, Mickey Mouse. The show was really quite a visual spectacle and it was kind of neat how they reenacted scenes from the movies (although I think we all could have done without the stampede that left Mustafa "dead" on the ice).

If you think that this is something that the little people in your life would love, the show is in town through February 8th.

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Baby Bunching said...

Wow! Good for you for doing it again the next night. You're a rockin' mom!