Monday, June 2, 2008

Some Sappy Reflections On My Brendan

Forgive me for a moment while I gush about my boy.

Brendan and I had our last Montessori Parent and Toddler Class today. Each class, the teacher hands out a clip board with a Montessori-related quote and the parent is supposed to make some reflections on their child. You would not believe the stupid things that I write (i.e. "Brendan seems happy today."). At the end of the session, the teacher gives each child a little bound book of their parent's reflections. I absolutely know that there will be a day when my children are the floor belly laughing about the totally uninspired things I wrote about them.

Today, the quote went something like this: "The first task of any Montessori instructor is to reflect on the individual personality of the child. Write about your child's personality."
I wrote, "My child is pure sweetness." What else could you possibly say about Brendan?

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Shannon said...

SO sweet and totally adorable too!