Friday, December 7, 2007

Snuggle Bug

Brendan with the love of his life.

Brendan with the second love of his life.

I have posted about Brendan's love affair with his blanket before. His collection has grown to include at least four blankets of various sizes and levels of plushness, a stuffed monkey, and a gigantic stuffed dog named "Will." And he wants to bring them all with him everywhere he goes. It is a lot of luggage for a little guy.


Sam said...

I love the fact that Brendan has found a love for blankets. His future Uncle Sam actually still has his blanket named "Bunny" that currently resides in his closet since Aunt Meg, refused to share her bed with it. Hopefully, Brendan will not follow in Uncle Sam's footsteps carrying his blanket with him all the way to age 25.

Anonymous said...

"Bunny" is really just a dirty rag now and most likely caused Uncle Sam some lady issues before he met Aunt Meg...B would be smart to kick the habit now :-)

The Hen said...

Maybe you two could have a talk with him about it when you get back in town.